Preparing your College application


The time has come for you to prepare your College/University application.

With the change to ‘test blind’ admissions this simply means that your college essay, traditionally a requirement of any college application,  is more important than ever.

The future success of your life rests on your acceptance to the College/University of your choice that will prepare you for the job you desire, and the lifestyle you wish for.

Most people simply believe that the content in the essay they right as part of the application process is all that matters. This is a false assumption.

The formatting and look of the essay will either gain the attention of the reader or not and that is where your application can succeed or fail- at the very first step.

So what should you essay contain?

The intent is this initial writing is to make astatement of purpose

Plan the content and work within a range of say 500-600 words. You need to get all your ideas within this range.

A common structure forcollege essay format is:


Body text


Obviously you will want an introductory paragraph that will get the attention of the reader. This could be explained as defining your topic which is generally provided by your College/University.

Talk to relatives and friends and gain their views on the topic suggested.

There are College essay templates available on line but treat them as just that- templates. You need to create a unique essay that reflects who you are and what you want to be. Using templates can often be a major mistake as the end product can look boring and trite.

Think hard on how you can make your essay stand out from the crowd. Often is not some outlandish event but rather an incorporation of your ideas and plans with the topic provided.

An absolute must is reviewing and editing your completed essay.

In my day I would probably have got my mother or father to read the essay, pass comment and suggest any changes. The world is more competitive now and therefore is is best to consider using and essay editing service. Don’t confuse this service with an essay writing service. The latter will simply get your essay thrown into the rubbish bin.

With the service mention you will get the services of a quality editor who will make sure there are no mistakes and the essay reflects what you want. An independent view to ensure the end result is of high quality.

The last action required is to email the completed essay with your formal application.