Our Earth: How Kids are Saving the Planet


\”Our Earth, How Kids Are Saving the Planet\” is a collection of 10 international profiles of outstanding \”greenagers\” who are each taking specific action to protect earth\’s threatened environments and to promote green practices. Some of the youth profiled include Kruti Parekh, age 13, a magician from India whose life mission is to use her magic to heal the Earth of its tragic wounds caused by environmental degradation. Another is William KamKwamba, age 14, of Malawi, who invented and built a windmill to generate electricity for his village and home. He also wrote \”The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind,\” and built a sustainable school in his village. There are eight other equally inspiring profiles of young people who are working to save the planet in \”Our Earth,\” along with color photographs and inspirational quotations from many cultures. \”our Earth\” ends with several interesting sections titled \”Kids Take Action!\”, \”Kids Create!\”, and \”How You Can Help Save the Planet.\” \”Our Earth\” is an empowering book for kids age 7-12 that can be used as an ecology text reference or resource.